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Looks like I missed a real Doozie!

Apologies for not being around for last night's game. It is our anniversary so Linda, Emma and I are down here in DC relaxing with no way to see the game and it sounds like I missed a good one. I won't do any detailed analysis but I have just a couple of real quick thoughts about last night's game and Coach Floyd.

From what I have read it would appear to me, as DC Trojan noted, that with a little more time this team could really do some damage. I'm pretty sure that isn't going to happen though, these guys are going to scatter to the far winds.

I was reading elsewhere that some fans thought that last night's win was a pyrrhic victory for ucla.


Both teams wanted this game in the worst way otherwise you would have seen Howland sit his starters, as ucla is headed for a #1 seed regardless of how they do in the Pac-10 tournament. Luc going down with an ankle injury does not help ucla's chances as they go forward. From what I have read the ucla defense seemed to come apart a bit last night and for that to happen as they head into the tournament coupled with Luc's ankle sprain doesn't help matters.

SC showed some grit last night. They have beaten this team in the past and they could beat them again going forward they just need to nail a few more things down. Mayo is showing us what we all wanted to see, let's hope he can keep it going and fire his teammates up as we head into the tournament.

SC needs some more depth, and a big man, coming off the bench as our starters are still doing the majority workload. Like I said we need a little more time.

There have been some rumors about Coach Floyd and Indiana. I take coach Floyd at his word that he wants to stay at SC. If he chooses to move on then thats fine too. I am not going to worry about someone who doesn't want to be here. And as for coaches changing their mind or keeping the truth from coming out I have only two words for you...NICK SABAN.

Wolf is reporting on his blog that all Floyd was doing was trying to schedule some games and that he talked to other programs about scheduling some games as well. Until I see some evidence that he wants the IU, or any other job and is leaving I will take this as just noise from those who want to stir the pot. I could care less about coincidences like marquis schools in "rebuilding mode" or how it looks.

If he goes, he goes simple as that. I won't cry over it.