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LSU Contacts Floyd

From The DN:

USC basketball coach Tim Floyd has been contacted by Louisiana State about its vacant coaching position, according to multiple sources.

Floyd was off campus Monday afternoon and could not be reached for comment but previously denied he would be interested in LSU.

"I've said USC would be the last job I had," Floyd said last month. "I'm happy here."

Sources said Floyd did not express interest in LSU, but he is a natural candidate for the job because he owned a home in Louisiana and lived there when USC hired him in 2005.

Floyd was also a close friend of LSU coach John Brady, who was fired in February, and said he would not want to follow him. But LSU remains interested, sources said.

"They should be interested in him," said ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla, the former coach at St. John's and New Mexico, said about the Tigers. "Now, the question is, can USC keep him?"

I'm not surprised and I'm not going to worry about it.

Here's why.

Tim Floyd obviously has roots in LA so it shouldn't surprise anyone if his heartstrings are getting pulled to go home. I realize that he has stated that SC would be his last job but we all know things can change and if he does change his mind no one should be surprised if changes his mind.

I think Floyd has done a pretty good job of getting SC a lot more exposure nationally and that some of the building blocks for a solid future are in place. It hasn't been conventional with Lil' Rome thing, the way Mayo came to SC etc. The effort is there and I have no doubt that if Tim Floyd stays we are in good shape. If he goes that is another story but I simply can't worry about hypotheticals until they happen.

Floyd has been approached before and rebuffed those advances so I have no reason not to think that he will decline interest here.

Steve Dilbeck has a great write-up on Floyd this morning and just how important he is to USC Basketball.

He's been here three years now - not that we've exactly been able to gain any keen insight into USC basketball coach Tim Floyd.

He looks angry a lot, seldom seeming to be particularly happy. Intense and driven. Like a man up against it. Like a man used to battling.

Yet on occasion he can be charming, flash a terrific sense of humor. Can somehow reek of a coach's ego without its pretension.

But the one thing about Floyd that should be certain around Los Angeles by now is - the man can coach.

Floyd can teach. He can make players better. He can attract talent. Can game-day plan with the best. Mold the young into a whole. Is willing to try new things.

And is unafraid of any Westwood legacy.

He is a wonderful fit for USC, and if the Trojans lucked into him, they might need a tad more good fortune to keep him.

Tim is a good fit, his methods may not be convention but this is a fledgling program trying to solidify its identity. It may not pretty to some, as those are the ones that usually hate us anyway so their opinion is of no concern, but we have something going good here. It would be a huge disappointment if Floyd went to LSU, but I will only worry about that if it happens. For now we need to focus on the Pac 10 Tournament and the Big Dance after that.

For now, I have a feeling that he will stay. We'll see how it goes.