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Pete's Pissed

I you like to work and enjoy your job you'll understand why Pete Carroll is pissed.

Pete Carroll competes. With his buddies in pickup basketball. With a visitor at Heritage Hall to make it out the door first and into yet another sun-soaked Southern California day. And, yes, at building the monster that is USC football.

Hold his tongue now? Not going to happen.

"I don't want to sound like a jerk," Carroll says, "But other coaches ... they're just lazy."

If you're Pete Carroll, how else can you look at the NCAA's new recruiting rule? Those who can't compete complain.

Two months ago at the NCAA convention, the SEC proposed legislation -- and a majority of its coaches agreed -- to prohibit head coaches from making off-campus visits during the spring evaluation period. It passed and kicks in next month, from April 15 to May 31.

We all know how much Pete Carroll love to do what he does best...recruit and this new rule cuts into that. What ever you think about Urban Meyer or Nick Saban and some of their tactics it is hard to argue that they, along with Pete Carroll, are the top three recruiters in the game. This rule does make it easier for those who don't work as hard as some as it attempts to level the playing field so everyone has a chance.

There is a reason why Carroll, Meyer and Saban get a lot of top recruits its because they don't know how to stop. They aren't afraid to go on the road and make all the contacts that need to be made - to winners go the spoils.

Its not surprising that Pete's disappointed, those six weeks are part of the reason why SC has been near or at the top for the past 5 years. But if I know Pete he will adjust and find a way to make it work.

Hat Tip - Brian Grummell at FanHouse