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USC - Washington Preview

Apologies for the abridged preview of tonight's game for the Trojans in Seattle; Paragon's been out of pocket for work and my boss suddenly decided to make me get some stuff done that required work this evening (the nerve of some people...)


USC heads to Seattle to take on U-Dub, having last played them at the Galen Center in January and gone to a 66 - 51 win, not least because of holding the Huskies to 33% shooting from the field.

However, the Huskies have been lambasting USC when USC travels north for the past 3 years, and are hoping that trend continues tonight. U-Dub has lost three in a row, is on the brink of not being eligible for tournament contention, is ranked 9th in conference, and - just to add that certain element of misery - has an injured star player in Jon Brockman.

Brockman is the Huskies' leading scorer, and the #5 rebounder in the nation, but has been struggling with a groin muscle injury.

Nonetheless, the Huskies won't lack for motivation. UCLA is heading north this weekend, and the Huskies must surely look at the game against the bruins as a marginal chance for a win without a healthy Brockman - even with a significant home court advantage. That makes a win against SC to control the skid all the more important.

Other Notes: Daniel Hackett has been showing signs of improvement from his hip injury, and participating in non-contact drills, but remains a game-time decision.

USC at Washington, 10 p.m. Eastern / 7 p.m. Pacific, Fox College Sports.