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If you like football this was the game for you!

I said earlier that I was ambivalent about who won this game and that I really didn't care who won. I wanted to see SC's players do well and that is exactly what we saw. How could you NOT watch!

Memo to Dwayne Jarrett: I think you're awesome and you represented SC well but did you watch Steve Smith tonight? That extra year means something, that's what it's all about.

Steve Smith had a pretty good game tonight. Yes, he mishandled a ball early in the 2nd that turned into an interception but he made a number of catches to keep drives alive and it was his catch late in the 4th that got the Giants a first down deep in N.E. territory on the play right before the game winning score.

Smith is a Stud! No question about it. 5 catches for 50 yards may not be sexy but it got the job done as he always seemed to be there for Eli. But we shouldn't really be surprised as others have seen how important Smith is and anyone who watched SC carefully knows how important Smith's presence was in big games.

On the flip side I feel bad for Junior Seau as he has waited a long time for the opportunity to get his ring only to once again fall short.

So, congrats to Steve Smith! He has a National Championship Ring and a now a Super Bowl Ring.