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An Awesome Awesome Win!

The Box Score and The Recap

SC came out firing in the first half building up a 16-point lead only to see Arizona close the gap to a s close to 3-points in the second half.

This game had a little bit of everything. Mayo was hot tonight and was the player of the game. Taj had a good night as well and it was great to see Daniel Hackett have a productive evening after missing the past 5 games with his back injury. There were some stretches of sloppy play but for the most part SC played a solid game. SC kept Budinger quiet, he only scored 7 points, and Bayless was only marginally effective scoring only 8 points though he did have some great plays, he also had 3 fouls late in the first half and he also had to momentum slowing turnovers late in the 2nd half.

It was scary to see Davon go down awkwardly on left leg while trying to stop Bayless on a fast break and even though he returned a little later in the game it was concern for all of us watching. Hackett did look a little rusty but that was to be expected. SC has really come together but we still have some work to do before we can feel comfortable about making the tournament. There was some shoddy behavior by he Arizona fans in the last couple of minutes in the game when some nimrod threw a bottle of water on the court narrowly missing Coach Floyd. I guess there are idiots everywhere.

So this one is in the books and it's a great win. Everyone is stepping up and things are coming together. I'll more tomorrow.

This is our post game thread.