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GameDay Open Thread USC @ Arizona

No need to try and break this game down as SC just needs to win...Period!

The only thing I would point to is an article in today's LAT about AZ's Chase Budinger.

Chase Budinger's first name succinctly spells out the assignment of defending the Arizona sophomore forward.

Keeping up with the slithery 6-foot-7 standout involves running and fighting through screens and then running some more. The pursuit never seems to end.

When those assigned to guard Budinger have trouble staying with him, he can post the kind of numbers he did last month at the Galen Center: 29 points on 11-for-20 shooting, including four-for-seven shooting from three-point range during the Wildcats' 80-69 victory.

"They set a lot of screens for him, but I think we'll be better prepared this time," Trojans sophomore guard Dwight Lewis, who repeatedly wound up on the wrong side of the screens, said earlier this week as USC prepared for tonight's game against the Wildcats in Tucson.

He is a real scrappy player who needs to be contained but it will be tough.

I still think USC needs 3 wins to make the tournament though some think 2 would be sufficient. So tonight is BIG game and winning is important.

Will we see Daniel Hackett tonight? Hard to say but I know quite a bit about stress fractures in general and I can say with a pretty good degree of certainty that he is NOT healed. Yes, he is taking one for the team because they don't want him to get rusty as they get closer to the big dance but I'm not sure this is the right move.

This is our open thread so leave your comments questions or rants here.