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GameDay Open Thread USC vs. Oregon

Well, we are into the final stretch. We need 4-5 wins to comfortably make the tournament. Hackett obviously will not play and his 26 points that he scored when we played against Oregon up in Eugene was clearly the deciding factor. I have a feeling we may see the same type of line-up tonight like we did against ucla.

I want to see if SC can keep the turnovers to an absolute minimum and I want to see if they can be more patient in their shooting. It was horrific watching SC take those crazy 3-point shots instead of going for the high percentage shots.

So, we'll see how it goes. I will not be on tonight as I have a very long day tomorrow in surgery and with a nasty snow storm coming our way tonight I need to be out very early to shovel out and get to work so feel free to post as you see fit.