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Coliseum Deal Reached

I'm not surprised there was no way that SC was going to play at the Rose Bowl on a regular basis.

From the LA Times:

The deal calls for major improvements to the venue, which the commission would fund with the sale of stadium naming rights. If that funding proves insufficient, USC would have the right to opt out of the agreement after two years.

The commission also will vote today whether to approve its lease with the state, which owns the stadium. That lease has already been approved by the California Science Center board on behalf of the state.

The proposed deal with USC stipulates an NFL team could not play in the Coliseum without the prior written consent of the school. The commission could still negotiate with an NFL team, but the school would take part in any negotiations.

"We never said we wanted to shut the door on the NFL," Dickey said. "What we're saying is it requires the university's prior written consent."

Give a little get a little that's what happened here. I'm just happy that there is a deal in place.