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BREAKING: Hackett has a possible Spinal Column Injury

From ESPN:

The status of USC point guard Daniel Hackett for crucial upcoming games against No. 6 UCLA and Oregon, let alone the rest of the season, appears in question after coach Tim Floyd said Hackett's back injury might be much worse than originally thought.

Losing Daniel Hackett for any length of time would hurt a Trojans backcourt that lacks depth.

Speaking on ESPNU's "Inside the Polls" on Monday, Floyd said the sophomore might have a fractured bone in his spinal column.

"He's in bad shape and we're waiting to hear from doctors after a follow-up X-ray," Floyd said. "He was literally on one leg at Washington State."

Hackett's injury, suffered during a loss to Arizona on Jan. 31, was initially said to be a bruised hip.

If true it is obviously not a good thing.

But lets wait on some definitive news before we jump to conclusions. I want to hear what the Docs say first.

If true you can count on a complete injury write-up in the very near future. Lets hope for the best.