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Still Out of Commission

Just a quick update.

I am still sick though I am better than I was yesterday I hope to get back to regular posting tomorrow or Wednesday. i am a pretty healthy guy and I seldom get knocked down like this. Its ironic that that the one year in the last 7-8 that I get a flu shot that I end up with the flu...go figure.

So that's where we're at.

In the coming days I will have some brief thoughts on this weekend's split up in Washington some brief thoughts on this weekends game against ucla and a quick note about College Football Blogger Awards.

On a sad note I want to acknowledge the passing of Roy Scheider, one of my favorite actors, who passed away yesterday of cancer. It is easy to point to Roy's popularity because of his great work in JAWS, but it should be noted he was great in other movies as well. Some are well know n like the French Connection, Blue Thunder and All That Jazz but some of his lesser known work (yes, I am about to date myself) like The Seven-Ups, Klute and The Sorcerer really stand out as to how versatile he was.

The Seven-Ups along with Steve McQueen's Bullit and H.B. Halicki's Original Gone in Sixty Seconds (not that Nicolas Cage crap) are three of the greatest car chases ever filmed.

Thanks for the entertainment will be missed.

You're gonna need a bigger boat