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Will Seto follow Sarkisian to UW?

Caught this over on the Seattle PI Blog...

According to a source in L.A., USC secondary coach Rocky Seto may be among the first to announce he will join Steve Sarkisian in Washington.

The source, who works closely with the team but is not a university employee, said while assessing Sarkisian: "Another good thing is it sounds like he'll bring Rocky Seto, who is an Xs and Os guy that is very underrated. It sounds like he'll be joining (Sarkisian) as defenseive coordinator, or to coach the defensive backs or linebackers."

On Monday, Sarkisian would not name names, but promised his search for assistants would be thorough, and he said "possibly yes" about bringing up colleagues from USC.

I am not sure that Seto is ready to be the DC, thats a big jump from secondary to DC. I also don't think Seto will the last SC coach that Sarkisian will poach.

Its a bit troubling to me but what can you do...I have a hard time seeing coaches making lateral moves. I would think it would have to be a step up to get coaches to move which is wy DeWayne Walker wouldn't go to UW in the same position. We will have to keep an eye on this. If more coaches do go it will force Pete Carroll to possibly look outside the program for replacements going against his ohilosophy of continuity.

Gonna be interesting...