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Gregg Doyel is a bitter little man

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Emphasis on little...

Looks like Doyel got up on the wrong side of the bed...

Quit your bitching, Texas. You too, Southern California.

Shut up, the both of you.

Didn't make it into the BCS title game? Boo-fricking-hoo. The system might not have worked in your favor this season, but it will one day. And that's the thing about being Texas or Southern California, and about being Florida or Oklahoma, for that matter: The even larger system -- the college football system -- is designed to funnel you into the BCS title game as smoothly as possible.

So Texas and USC didn't get there this season. So what. You will soon enough, maybe even next season. And if not next season, then the next. That's almost a sure thing. By the year 2011, both Texas and USC will have played again for the national championship -- and if it hasn't happened for either school by then, Mack Brown or Pete Carroll has screwed up.

Wow! Doyel doesn't get out much...

Of course, the argument can be made that SC losing to Oregon State kept them out of the BCS Title game. I think its now pretty clear that its a myth to say the earlier you lose the better off you will be within this system. Texas has a better argument if for no other reason that they beat OU head to head.

The fact is the system continues to be flawed with no hope of it ever being fixed. The AP isn't a part of it and their ballots are secret. Dennis Dodd wrote a great piece about the coaches not being in the equation and looking at the final regular season ballots of the season I can see why. There is some absolute madness here...(make sure you check this out its pretty cool!)

Doyle then goes off the deep end...

You're Texas. You're Southern Cal. Or you're Oklahoma or Florida. You have every advantage you could want, starting with the most important one -- the best recruiting base in the country. The best states for football talent always have been, and always will be, Texas and California and Florida. The populations are enormous. The weather is terrific. Football matters. Add it up, and you have the three most fertile recruiting grounds for football. Oklahoma isn't exactly in that mix, but Oklahoma has always been North Texas when it comes to recruiting. Oklahoma doesn't have the oil well in its backyard, no, but Oklahoma is close enough to be splashed by the crude.

So that's the talent factor. Texas and USC have access to it, and to their credit, they have turned that talent into All-Americans and Heisman Trophies and national championships. And that's where the tradition comes in. Talent equals winning equals tradition, and Texas and USC have it. Once you have tradition, you have everything else you need. You have alumni willing to give crazy money to keep that tradition going, because wealthy alumni like nothing more than to feel like they're part of something successful. They can't run or catch or tackle, but they can write a check. And so they do.

And so Texas and USC have the best facilities money can buy. And when they need a coach, they can go get the best coach money can buy.

Sorry Gregg, it would appear that you have not done your home work and because of it you lose all credibility.

USC DOES NOT have great facilities, I mean have you seen them? And the whole argument about recruiting talent didn't seem to help SC in the dark years of Hackett, Tolner and Smith.

This just goes to show you that guys like this in the press want to be the news instead of reporting it. This is the same guy who reported the link between Mayo and Guillory BEFORE Mayo came to SC and he should get props for it but being right once doesn't mean you are right all the time Gregg so its time to wake up.

Doyle seems to want to ignore what more and more of us are already figuring out...its the press that calls the shots when it comes to the BCS. The coaches are puppets in the game continue to do shoddy work in order to get good press.

The BCS is a flawed system and the way teams are judged are with consistent rules but on a sliding scale as to who is the flavor of the month. But it really shouldn't shock anyone...though I am shocked that Doyle is blind walking around without a cane with some of the nonsense he write here.

He's just a bitter little man.......