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GameDay Open Thread USC @ UCLA

Next Game

USC Trojans
@ UCLA Bruins

Saturday, Dec 6, 2008, 1:30 PM PST
Rose Bowl

It's all on you Mark!

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Lots of story lines today…

Carroll vs. Chow…

Sarkisian vs. Walker – Both could be on their way out to head coaching jobs, are either distracted?

USC wears their home jerseys to the Rose Bowl restoring an old tradition.

Is the USC defense that good? Can they keep the bruins under14 points? How about a shutout?

How will the offense fare against a decent bruin defense?

So, there are lots of questions and a lot of scenarios to be played out today and trip to the Rose Bowl on the line. The bruins will play for pride and because this is a rivalry.

I would like to think that SC can put a bruisin’ on the guys but you never know in a rivalry game.

Leave your comments questions and rants here. I will be online for the thread.

Lets Smoke ‘Em!!