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A higher power?

Regardless of how USC does against Penn St. one thing is for sure Stafon Johnson looks to be staying at USC.

The mother of USC tailback Stafon Johnson said Monday she expects her son to return his senior season and spurn the chance to turn pro.

"I would say it's 90 percent that I expect him to come back," Kim Mallory said. "If he had a tremendous year, I would say wait and see. He had an OK year. He needs to be back. And he needs his diploma."

Johnson gained 642 yards this season, four fewer than leading rusher Joe McKnight. He led the Trojans with nine rushing touchdowns and also became the No. 1 punt returner after McKnight experienced problems with fumbles.

Johnson previously applied for an evaluation from the NFL and said he was still deciding his future.

"He knows how I feel," Mallory said. "He should be back."

I don't know about you guys but the last thing I want to do is piss my mom off. What she says goes...

Stafon should take the same advice.