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A little more on Hazelton's Transfer...

interesting comments in today's OCR regarding Vidal Hazelton's transfer.

Hazelton, who did not appear in two October games despite suiting up for both, said he has been healthy for several weeks now and does not understand why he played less than a handful of snaps in nearly every contest. He caught just one pass over the past 10 games.

“It was definitely frustrating,” Hazelton said. “I’ve been trying to have fun. I’ve been going through a lot of stuff. I’ve been trying to make the best out of whatever I had.

“As far as me and the coaches, I have no problem with the coaches. It wasn’t that I didn’t like USC. I love USC.”

Dexter said the situation at home coupled with not playing killed his son’s spirit.

“I know Vidal uses football as an outlet,” Dexter said. “He’s a jokester, a prankster. That’s how he deals with the pressure. Vidal doesn’t want to leave. He loves USC. But these guys (coaches) were kind of isolating him.”

Dexter said he thinks Vidal did not play partly because of his letter and a personal rift with offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, which began after he said the coach called his son’s injury a “mystery.”

“I know that him (Vidal) being in the doghouse had a lot to do with me and Sarkisian,” Dexter said. “It was a personal thing. It’s real petty on these coaches on how they handled the situation.”

Sarkisian said it was all about football.

“He’s just not as good as the other three guys,” Sarkisian said of Hazelton. “He wasn’t playing as well.”

Receivers coach John Morton agreed with Sarkisian, citing the success of receivers Damian Williams, Patrick Turner and Ronald Johnson. But there appeared to be some internal disagreement, as Morton said he pushed for Hazelton to get more playing time than he received.

“He had plays in the game plan,” Morton said. “Whether they get called, that’s up to Sark (and) whatever the situation is.”


Most people probably think that the letter to Carroll being leaked left some butts stinging but to me the real problem I have here is calling the kid out as not being good enough to get on the field. Maybe I am missing something but that needs to stay within the football offices. I know the whole recruitment process with Hazelton was strained to say the least but regardless of how this relationship ends the football office needs to keep those types of details in house and not for general distribution.

Regardless, whether or not it is personal just walk away. Why air out any dirty laundry that can be misinterpreted.

I realize that I don't have the inside scoop on all that went on but the whole situation is a pitch in the dirt so why swing? Its a distraction that really isn't needed right now.