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GameDay Open Thread USC vs. Oral Roberts


This is USC's last game before the Pac-schedule opens up for SC in Eugene later this week.

There is a nice write up in the DN on todays game.

We will also have Marcus Johnson available to play as he was cleared academically to play after transferring from UConn last year.

The lengthy time away will only push Johnson more, as he prepares for his first game since playing for Connecticut in an exhibition game against Assumption on Nov. 1, 2007. "I guess I'll get as much time as I can in the gym and get myself ready," he said.

Johnson, from Westchester High, played two seasons at Connecticut. He played in 31 games, starting 19, in 2006-07 and averaged 5.5 points.

Johnson, a senior, is expected to be used in USC's rotation at small forward and shooting guard. But first he will have to reacquaint himself with game situations. "Most guys who have been out this long make mistakes when they come back," Johnson said. "But I have to learn from them quick, especially at this point in the season."

Leonard Washington is out for a while due to a high ankle sprain. I am not sure if I will be on thread today...I am enjoying my vacation here in Arizona and I may be out on the golf course.

Lets hope for a solid win before Pac-10 play starts.