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Hazelton to Transfer

USC loses another top player.

So, we can finally put this situation to bed. Vidal Hazelton is a great talent but with the way his recruitment went and with the email that was leaked earlier this season I always felt he was just going to have a hard time fitting in.

From the OCR...

Receiver Vidal Hazleton has transferred from USC.

“A lot of things have been going on,” he said. “Football is part of it. My grandfather has been diagnosed with cancer. I wanted a chance to be close to home.”

Hazelton said his grandfather, who lives in Staten Island, was diagnosed about two months ago.

We wish him well. I will have more on this after the ucla game.


Here is a little more detail from WeAreSC.

“Yes, that’s true,” said Hazelton on his transfer from USC. “Part of the reason was football, but the main factor was because of my grandpa who I’m close with.

“He was just diagnosed with cancer.”

Hazelton, who joined former teammate Broderick Green as the second transfer from the team this year, stated that the thought of transferring has been in the forefront of his mind for some time now.

“No doubt I’ve been thinking about it for a while now,” said the New York native.

Hazelton will remain at USC and finish out his semester before exploring options elsewhere, although it is generally assumed that Hazelton will stay out east.