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A little more on Seto...

Here is a little ,ore onformation on ROcky Seto's decision not to follow Steve Sarkisian to UW.

From The LA Times...

Seto, 32, had been mulling the offer from new Huskies Coach Steve Sarkisian since late last week. He said he recognized the opportunity for professional advancement if he went to Washington, but after praying about it and talking with his wife, he decided to stay.

"I just realized how happy as a family we are here," said Seto, the father of two daughters.

Seto called Sarkisian on Tuesday morning and then called USC Coach Pete Carroll.

"I'm thankful that Steve offered me the opportunity and I know he's going to do great there," Seto said. "But you have to be grateful for what we have and I'm ridiculously happy here.

"Coach Carroll really made me feel valued."

That says a lot...

We all hope for the opportunity to make the next step up the ladder and going from DB coach to DC is a BIG step. I am not sure if Seto was ready for that move, but what do I know. He looked at it, weighed his options and decided against it. It's kind of hard to knock a guy regardless of what direction he took based on the fact that he labored so long about this move because he has family in the Seattle area.

He is a big cog in the machine here and I for one am happy he is staying.