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Tormey Out at UW...Opening the door for Seto?

Steve Sarkisin let go UW defensive coordinator Chris Tormey leading to speculation that USC defensive backs coach Rocky Seto could accept Sarkisians offer to be UW's new DC.

From Bob Condotta's blog

I can officially confirm from a source close to the sitiation that Chris Tormey was told today by new UW coach Steve Sarkisian that he won't be returning to the staff.

One source said Sarkisian left it open that Tormey could be considered down the line for a spot depending on how the rest of the hires shake out, but that for now, he should plan on UW going in a different direction.

[T]hat Tormey was told today he won't be retained is leading to some speculation that there may be some certainty about where the defensive coordinator job is heading. However, one LA source said that Rocky Seto has yet to make up his mind --- or it at least has yet to leak if he has --- about accepting an offer to come to UW

I have a hard time believing that Seto won't take the position. It's a step up in stature, experience and pay. Couple that with Seto having family in the Seattle area and its hard to see how he couldn't take it. I know he is loyal to USC abd that he likes it here but you don't get these offers often so I think he has to jump on it.