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Seto offered the DC position at UW

Earlier this week it was reported that USC DB Coach Rocky Seto would be one of the first to follow Steve Sarkisian to UW. At the time Seto denied interest in the move simply stating he was happy at USC. It now appears that Seto has been offered the job as defensive coordinator at UW and that he is mulling it over.

"We're thinking about it," Seto said. "I'm kind of undecided. There's a lot of emotional attachment here. You develop an investment in this place over the last 10-12 years."

Seto said he expected to decide over the weekend. His wife is originally from Bellevue, Wash., a suburb of Seattle.

"If we were to leave, it's the ideal place," he said.

It also appears that Nick Holt was offered the job but he turned it down.

Is Sarkisian going to approach just about everyone on the USC staff about leaving with him to take on the challenge of rebuilding UW? That's fine as long as Pete Carroll is fine with Sark approaching the other coaches about joining him at UW then I won't get worked up over it.

Again, I think UW geting respectable again is great for the Pac-10 and in order for that to happen Sarkisian has to put together the best staff that he can but I also think that while he has some comfort with some of his fellow coaches at USC he needs to go out and break some new ground. I mean is he going to be like Neuheisel and hire a bunch of former USC coaches?