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Seto denies interest in move to UW

As a follow up to the rumor yesterday USC defensive back coach Rocky Seto denied his possible move to UW with Steve Sarkisian.

USC secondary coach Rocky Seto denied speculation Tuesday that he might become an assistant coach at Washington, and said he was happy to remain with the Trojans.

Meanwhile, former USC assistant coach Demetrice Martin is a strong candidate for the Huskies' secondary coach position.

Seto is considered a logical candidate to join new coach Steve Sarkisian's staff because he is as familiar with Trojans coach Pete Carroll's defense as any member of the coaching staff.

"Nothing's been offered and there's been no conversations," Seto said. "Nothing at all. You never know what will happen, but right now, I don't see anything. He hasn't offered me a job.

"With all due respect to (Sarkisian), you know how much I love it at USC. It's a dream come true."

Another reason Seto is a potential candidate is because his wife's family lives in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue, Wash.

"We're happy here," Seto said.

Yeah well....

You never know how it will all shake out. To me this is the only draw back to having coaches moving on to bigger and better things. You never know who is going to follow.

Seto is an up and comer no question but I am just not seeing it that this could be a great move for him but what do I now. The one wild card here is his know the old saying Happy wife, Happy life!