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Vucevic and Johnson hope join the team soon

Hopefully this is some good news. Lord knows the basketball team could use the extra manpower.

USC Coach Tim Floyd is looking forward to reaping some benefits by addition after several weeks marked by attrition.

Floyd said Tuesday that he was optimistic that 6-foot-10 freshman Nikola Vucevic would have amateurism issues cleared by the NCAA in the next few days so that the Montenegro native could play this season. Floyd also is eyeing Dec. 20 as the date that Connecticut transfer Marcus Johnson will be eligible to join the Trojans.

There are times that I look at this team over the past few seasons and really wonder who's coming or going. Players leaving for the NBA, players transfering or having elegibilty issues litterally makes it that you can't tell the players without a score card.

With SC not getting NCAA approval for Alex Stepheson's waiver and Kasey Cunningham out with and ACL injury and now Marcus Simmons requesting a transfer SC will benefit from the added help on the roster. I am really not sure of this teams identity yet and until we get everyone on the floor its going to hard to figure out. At time it feels like Tim Floyd has put this team together with spit and toilet paper.

On a side note, I still feel that Leonard Washington should be sitting for the cheap shot he committed on OU's Blake Griffin last week I just don't understand what Washington was thinking and then to say he didn't do it....when its all on tape! That just doesn't sit well with me, playing hard is one thing taking a cheap shot at a player is another.

SC faces Pepperdine on Monday evening we'll have a look at them over the weekend.