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Broderic Green to Transfer

From Rivals

Family issues have led to Broderick Green telling coaches he intends to transfer.

Green told Trojan coaches of his plans late this past week.

Green's appeared in six games this season, carrying the ball 32 times for 168 yards and three touchdowns.

Green, a former four-star recruit from the Pulaski Academy in Little Rock, Ark., chose USC over Ohio State, Penn State, Arkansas and Tulsa.

After having a breakout game by rushing for two touchdowns and 121 yards on 18 carries during the Trojans' 69-0 win at Washington State, Green did not carry the ball against Arizona and rushed just five times in USC's 56-0 win over Washington.

Can't say I am really surprised but I am not buying this family thing either.

Adam Maya over at the OCR has some interesting observations as well.

Face it, he never fit in here, and not because he isn’t good enough. It was just bad timing. Some have likened him to LenDale White (I don’t see it), but remember that when White arrived it was just him, Reggie Bush and Hershel Dennis. Then Dennis’s career was derailed by a suspension and several injuries, opening the door for both White and Bush to thrive. They really weren’t competing at the position as much as they were sharing it. Compare that to four years later with Green, who is sharing the position with a Real World-sized cast of five-star recruits, and he is the biggest outsider.

My last encounter with Green was right after the Washington State game when he rushed for 121 yards, easily a career high. For the first (and now it appears only) time at USC, he was approached by most every reporter in the locker room. His smile that night extended to Little Rock. I was happy for him, but also bothered by the scene because I knew it would be fleeting. And I knew he didn’t know that. It’s hard to see such a thing when you’re the one going through the experience. All I had to do was consider McKnight would be returning from injury the following week and Arizona would probably give USC a game, meaning no Broderick.

That Tuesday, he was still being interviewed about his big day and he was still excited to talk about it. At the time it all seemed poisonous. Three weeks later he has barely played since and will reportedly transfer. This is USC, 2008.

That is really dead on..The kid wants to play pure and simple and it is not going to happen here.

Even with Green's great game against Washington St. he just hasn't broken through the depth chart at running back. I don't know why that is and I am not sure if there is anyone to blame but it would seem to me that having all these RB's in the stable has actually been a burden on the offense more than it has helped. As Maya also notes in this article, does anyone really think that this offense is unpredictable because of of all these backs? I would say no and again that comes down to coaching...pick a back and stick with him!

I would not be surprised if Green isn't the only one to move on...