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Where have I heard this before?

On ucla's Nikola Dragovic's arrest for battery...

``We haven't had a chance to look at the facts,'' said Marc Dellins, associate athletic director for sports information. ``We just found out about an hour ago, so until we have all the information, we can't make any decisions.''

Here is the money quote...

"I'm going to wait for all the facts," Howland said.

The coach added: "She's a great kid. Nikola's a great kid. I'm very confident everything will be rectified soon."

Really? No kidding! Is that really appropriate, waiting for all the facts...

Why hasn't Dragovic been suspended/booted off the team? I mean no player should be allowed on the field/court if they get arrested right? Especially not at vaunted ucla.

Let me guess, nobodies perfect right?

Looks like Dragovic has some anger managment issues. Howland and the AD are correct for waiting to hear all the facts. It's called being sensible...just like Pete Carroll.

We'll probably hear some stupid excuse that because he is from war torn Serbia that he suffers from PTSD or some nonsense explaining his actions.

But isn't that what lawyers do?