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Pete Carroll Rumors

Having not really kept up on things the past few days I wanted to get to this.

From the San Jose Mercury News...

* I mentioned the 49ers job to Pete Carroll during a post-practice interview, and before I could finish my question he interrupted (politely) and explained that the Niners have a coach, that he has a job and that he could not comment on any aspect, or potential aspect, of the situation.

Fair enough — Carroll has to take that approach. Nevertheless …

* I heard that in order for Carroll to seriously consider the Niners job, the Yorks would have to offer upwards of $5 million per year and allow Carroll to bring his USC staff with him and install his own general manager (perhaps longtime NFL pal Pat Kirwan).

But multiple sources told me that if the Yorks are in fact willing to make changes at coach and GM, that Carroll very much wants them to make an offer — he wants to have the option to return to the Bay Area (he’s from Marin), the Niners (former defensive coordinator) and the NFL (former two-time head coach).

Of course, as a very well-placed source told me at the time, Carroll wanted the Yorks to make him an offer before they hired Mike Nolan. But they balked, thinking Carroll was out of their price range.

* And what if Carroll left? Who would the Trojans hire? One name that came up twice: Mike Riley, the Oregon State coach and former USC assistant.

Meh...If Pete wants to go to the NFL and scratch that itch there really isn't anything we can do about it. I think he has the perfect gig here but you can never know what is in someones heart.

I found it interesting that if Carroll did go to S.F. that he would want to take his USC staff with him. I am not sure how many on the staff would follow him to S.F. but again if that is what they want who are we to stop them?

I am not going to sweat this...if he goes, he goes but that is for another time.