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Election Day Links

A quiet day thus far on the college football front, and there's always the task of dancing around politics... on the wires, so to speak:

  • The LA Times has Pete Carroll encouraging players to vote
  • ...and before you get riled up upon reading the conclusion of that story*, bear in mind that Senator Obama went on Monday night football last night and endorsed a playoff to select college football's national championship. Is this a pander that he wouldn't be able to deliver? Sure, but it's a no-cost pander, and that's change we can believe in, my friends
  • Kevin EIlison has had surgery to tidy up the cartilage in his knee and has backed off initial mutterings about coming back against Cal. That seemed improbable, to say the least.

And that, thanks to the small matter of mad work schedules, may be that for the day. Whatever your views on politics - and the authors of this blog represent a broad church of opinions, to say the least - get out there and vote. Exercising the franchise is the crux of citizenship, IMHO, so don't miss the opportunity.

* I've borrowed Orson Swindle's cattle-gun-of-political-shut-down here, so if things get too frisky, I will exercise bi-partisan editorial interventions - and at no cost to you, it's cheaper than shoring up the banks.