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USC - Notre Dame Highlights 2007

With John David Booty lost to injury and several iffy games, there was some question about how Mark Sanchez would hold up playing against Notre Dame in South Bend - the newbie quarterback providing some hope for a Notre Dame team that wasn't setting the world on fire.

Unfortunately for the Fighting Irish, hope was elusive, much as was Joe McKnight on his first career touchdown. Once again, the green shirts proved to be no help as Notre Dame lost, 38 - 0, the worst home loss since 1956, and a ticket to a 1 - 7 record.

In the aftermath, ESPN edited the highlights very much at Notre Dame's expense. One can only imagine that perhaps Mark May greased a few palms in the editing room to get this gem worked up:

2007 USC vs Notre Dame (38:0 shut out game summary) (via MonkeyBoyVlog)