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Notre Dame Highlights - 2006

I thought that this week we might as well dip into the video archives and see if there were any interesting clips of past USC - Notre Dame games.

Perhaps not surprisingly, given the 13 year streak that Notre Dame had running, there are lots and lots of clips of USC being on the wrong end of a result. But there are a few that may catch your fancy.

Today's clips come from the 2006 game in the Coliseum, and they are short but sweet. The first, chosen to complement today's story in the LA Times, is of Brian Cushing returning an onside kick for a garbage time touchdown - a good-looking play regardless of when it happened:

USC/Dome : TD The Bergen Flash!! (via ronhir)

The second video... well, here's the thing. I never had much of an opinion of Brady Quinn before this game, but if one player could have won a game on grit and determination, he would have been it. IIRC, he had the longest run of the night for Notre Dame, among other big plays.

But... the price of big plays is big hits, as we are reminded here:

Brady Quinn "Fuck Me" - USC vs. Notre Dame 2006 (via rwaley)

Quinn really couldn't have done any more than he did in that game - he really impressed the hell out of me, and 1) isn't that what counts? , and 2) that's what this rivalry game should be about.