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Mandel unloads on Weis

I have said in the past that we really don't bash on Notre Dame as we probably should. They are our rivals and we are joined at the hip so there is a genuine respect for the simple reason playing ND is voluntary.

It has been a site see SC really take it to ND over the past few years, especially after the 11 year drought SC had through the 80's and 90's. But then came Charile Weis. He is one one of Billy's boys up in New England who thought it would be a great idea to go home again.

Well it would appear that might not have been the best idea. Weis has been terrible and all the talent he has brought in hasn't lived up to the hype and today they wet the bed against a really bad Syracuse team. Even I had to shake my head when I saw that score and I am not the only one, Stewart Mandel laser beams in on Weis.

I think it's now safe to say with no hint of reservation: The Notre Dame-Charlie Weis marriage is officially doomed.

College football's $40 million man got a reprieve for his 3-9 debacle last year because, according to his apologists, it was Tyrone Willingham's fault. While there were growing grumblings following recent Irish losses to Pittsburgh and Boston College, most reasonable observers believed a 7-5 season would assure Weis' return next season, and AD Jack Swarbrick quickly put out a statement echoing such.

But that was before Notre Dame lost to Syracuse. That's right, folks: Syracuse. Saturday in snowy South Bend, Weis' band of former five-star recruits blew a 23-10 lead and lost to lame-duck coach Greg Robinson's 2-8 Orange.

Notre Dame has suffered a lot of bad losses under Weis. This was one was unquestionably his worst yet -- and, most likely, his death knell in South Bend.

You can already here the moving vans coming up the drive.

Now, with the way SC's offense has been playing I am not quite ready to put a check mark in the win column for next weeks match-up but I am damn close to dong just that.

It couldn't happen to a nicer guy with as arrogant as Weis is. He has never been humble so this is just icing on the cake. I respect ND and I want them to get better for all the obvious reasons but I shed no tears for what he is going through now...karma is bitch so take a good long wiff Chuck.