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USC Love Affair Over?

One of the strangest articles I have read in the past couple of weeks:

It seems the college football world has simply lost interest in the Trojans. It's like they've been eating the same flavor ice cream for five years and they're ready to try something new. USC's own fans are suffering a similar apathy.

"The fans have seen this play out before the past few years," said Abraham. "Oregon State was like the last straw. Fans were like, 'I'm sick of losing to teams that aren't all that good.' "

It seems the public's blind faith in Carroll and his stockpile of five-star recruits simply isn't there this year. The mileage he earned from that 34-game winning streak in 2003-05 has finally worn off.

The prom queen's still pretty hot, but there are a couple of new girls on the scene that everybody's talking about.

Wow, I guess I really don't know what to say. I enjoy reading Stewart Mandel's mailbags from time to time, but an article about how the media doesn't like USC anymore? I guess the point of the whole thing eludes me.

Is Mandel trying to criticize Pete Carroll for being outspoken about the BCS? If so it seems a little hypocritical as I did not hear anyone make any remarks about Les Miles laughable "we didn't lose a game in regulation" angle he was working last year.

Is he trying to say that Pete Carroll is overrated? I guess he lost me in the part where he paired "blind faith" along with "stockpile of 5 star recruits" and "34 game winning streak".

Is he trying to say the fans are spoiled? Please, are there actually fans of other teams actually enjoy losing to "teams that aren't all that good" (or even teams that are all that good)?

Oh well Stewart. Probably no BCS title game this year, so I guess us poor SC fans are just going to have to settle for being consistently among the top teams in college football year after year and go to another one of those high paying BCS bowls.