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Lots of smoke but no fire


AP Photo/Paul Sakuma via ESPN

Lightning did not strike twice but storm clouds were forming. I almost turned this game off in the second quarter I was so pissed at this performance. I did not want Wilner to prove me lets call it a draw he was right in the first half I was right in the second half.

This team beats he heck out of me. I know the defense is the best in the nation but you can expect them to get it done every game. They are bound to have an off night so the offense needs to get the stuff together and make some plays.The O-line was pushed around in the first half causing Sanchez to be Sacked 3 times that's what started to piss me off. Sanchez had a pedestrian performance going 11 of 17 for 136 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions. SC had 416 total yards of offense with jst about all of it coming in the second half.

The defensive line had some trouble getting penetration and the let Stanford run all over them. I really thought that SC would stack the box early to stop Gerhart and force Pritchard to throw it but the defense dared them to run it and they run they did. Stanford had 156 yards of rushing in the first alone but SC shut their running game in the second half. Stanford also used that zone-read option a few times that burned SC for some yards as well.

RoJo and CJ had some great kick returns, with CJ scoring a TD on one, but it was the running game that really came alive in the second half and really wore the Stanford defense down.

There are going to be some complaints about this game and there will once again be a lot of questions sbout the offense but SC now has next week off to prepare for Notre Dame and make no mistake there will be some bad blood for that game. So, thats it in a nutsell we'll have more tomorrow or Monday. Leave your comments here...this is our post game thread.