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GameDay Open Thread USC @Â Stanford

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USC Trojans
@ Stanford Cardinal

Saturday, Nov 15, 2008, 4:00 PM PST
Stanford Stadium

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I am not into revenge. What's done is done no matter how embarrasing last years game was it has nothing to do with this season. SC needs to worry about this game. As i wrote earlier today Stanford has a chance but how much is the question? I think the defense will once again be their typical dominant self but the offense needs to really have a break out game today. The Stanford pass defense is ripe for the picking if Sanchez plays smart.

Stanford is a better team than last season and has some good players that play hard but they aren't athletes like what USC has. Last year was a fluke...I would not and DO NOT expect lightning to strike twice in two years. Style points matter in the chase for the BCS Title game but I think that prize is too far of reach if you ask me.

Regardless the offense needs to get the kinks out and finally get it together.

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