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GameDay Open thread Washington @ USC

Next Game

Washington Huskies
@ USC Trojans

Saturday, Nov 1, 2008, 3:30 PM PDT
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum


OK, it's hopefully will come out fired up tonight.

McKnight is out so it will be up to Johnson, Gable and Green...and of course Havili. Will Harris will get the start in place of Kevin Ellison so he will get to make a statement tonight.

This is a different UW than we have seen before for two reasons. 1) Jake Locker is not playing due to a broken thumb and 2) with Ty Willingham beig shown the door this team, as a matter of pride, could come out and throw caution to the wind and really play above themselves and make a game of it.

I think SC will win but I am not sure about whether or not they will cover the spread. Of course, style points matter just so we can stay in the hunt for the BCS Title Game but I think that ship has sailed. Right now SC has to worry about winning the Pac-10 so we need to come out firing and put this one away early.

I will be online for the thread but as of this moment I am not sure if the game is on TV so as a back-up I will have the 710 ESPN feed going through my computer and I will comment from there.

Lets hopt the boys can put together a nice performance tonignt.