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Bradford will probably redshirt...

The buzz with Allen Bradford has been the injury to his hip. It has been described as a torn labrum in his hip. This is a significant injury and I am working on a write-up for it but its going to take time.

But here is what we know right now.

Allen Bradford (torn labrum) will take the week off and undergo and MRI on Friday. If his hip does not feel better by Monday, then he will redshirt.

Let me put this plainly, If Bradford has a torn labrum then he will redshirt. With all the pounding that the lower extremities take will it not allow this injury to heal.

Dan Weber had a post earlier today about how common this injury is.

When UCLA basketball player Josh Shipp suffered the same injury three years ago, and underwent a couple of surgeries for it, his cartilage damage and hip labrum tear was the first UCLA trainers had seen in 33 years.

But over at USC, a pair of Trojans, senior Jeff Byers and another San Bernardino Trojan running back, Michael Coleman, both came up with it and went through the surgery and yearlong rehab that may be facing Coleman.

Second-year USC center Michael Reardon has also recently had surgery for a similar lingering, then eventually painful, injury that seems so hard to pinpoint at first as it comes and goes and doesn't offer much in the way of specific symptoms

Well, part of the reason that this injury is more common is because people are more active. But the reason we hear about it more is because the treatment options have become more sophisticated. The procedure to repair this injury while not in its infancy is still done bya small handful of surgeons but as more surgeons master the technique this will become as common as as other sports medicine procedures.

I hope to have a write-up on this injury later on in the week.