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Sanchez Questionable for the ASU game

Everybody's heart skipped a collective beat Satuday night when we all saw Mark Sanchez go down after that Horse collar tackle by Oregon's Nick Reed.

Let me make this clear...I have no problem with Reed making the play, its leagal simple as that.

I DO have a problem with rules that claim "to protect players" from Horse Collar tackles outside of the pocket while also having rules that protect the QB in order to increase scoring etc. etc. but then allowing Horse Collar tackles IN the pocket. If its unsafe then its unsafe why the parsing of the rules?

Because Reed was able to make that tackle Sanchez now has a bone bruise to that left knee and it could keep him out of the ASU game on Saturday.

In a scene reminiscent of much of training camp, Mark Sanchez watched USC practice from a cart Monday afternoon.

While Sanchez rested his left knee, Mitch Mustain took all the reps with the first-team offense.

USC coach Pete Carroll said he isn’t sure if Sanchez will be able to play Saturday against Arizona State and that the coaching staff is preparing Mustain just in case.

This is Mustain's big chance if Sanchez can't go.

As noted in the FanPosts ASU's Rudy Carpenter may not play either due to a sprained ankle. Not good, I want these teams at full strength so that we get the best game possible. To me the Pac-10 is in disarray with poor officiating and for not being more vocal about some of these stupid rules that seeimgly contradict one another.

Lets hope Sanchez is ready to go...