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Tom Dienhart is off the USC Bandwagon

Likes rats off a sinking ship...'s Tom Dienhart is the latest to give us the heave-ho!


Do you ever wonder when someone is going to start holding USC coach Pete Carroll's feet to the fire for these inexplicable losses?

We criticize Oklahoma's Bob Stoops for his recent BCS flops and Ohio State's Jim Tressel for his colossal title-game collapses. And Texas' Mack Brown and LSU's Les Miles were skewered before delivering national titles.

But Carroll seemingly gets off scot-free for losses to inferior foes. In 2006, the Trojans got dumped by Oregon State and UCLA. In 2007, there was the shocking upset to 41-point underdog Stanford. This season, we already have seen USC lose to an unranked Oregon State team that had a losing record.

Yes, Carroll has national championships, but is it OK for the coach with arguably the most-talented roster in the country to annually lose games he isn't supposed to?

Just wondering.

I love it...I say let him go! Dienhart falls into the same trap that the muckrakers over at the Big Lead fell into in trying to compare Stoops to Carroll. So much for originality.

Don't blow a gasket trying to wonder about it too much Tom...It happens.

Sure, the pattern of losing to some of these "inferior" teams is a bit disconcerting. I am certainly not happy about it but comparing Pete Carroll to Bob Stoops is a joke. Heck SC probably would have won back-to-back Crystal Balls had the "system" not put OU in the BCS Title Game against LSU, another Stoops flop. To reiterate...Pete Carroll wins the big games on the national stage and in the post season and the one title game he did lose was the greatest game I have ever seen. Stoops on the other hand as much as I respect him, got beat by a street ball play against Boise St.

These guys will all be lining up to give big wet kisses to Nick Saban now that he is on the rise and when he no longer lives up to their expectations they will throw him on the dust bin in search of the next flavor of the month.

Who's next...