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Pac-10 Roundtable...Under New Management

With Dave over at Addicted to Quack moving on from SBN the wacky crew over at the California Golden Blogs take control of the Pac-10 roundtable. We will be hosting next weeks roundtable.

So, lets get to it...

1) The Ty Willingham experiment at UW is mercifully over. What went wrong? Why couldn't he replicate the success he had at Stanford?

Paragon SC -WIllingham simply couldn't recruit the type of players needed to compete in today's game and when he did get the talent he just couldn't coach them up. That he was even coaching this year was surprising because I thought he was gone a fter last season

2) Who do you see as a possible replacement for the Huskies? Any idea how close this team is to being relevant again?

Paragon SC - The names are starting to pile up. Pinkel, Peterson, Kiffin, Mora Jr., Walker and Sarkisian are all being speculated. The only ones realistic to me are Kiffin, and Peterson. I have a hard time seeing Pinkel leaving Mizzou he has accomplished too much to want to start over again. I think UW has 3-4 years of rebuilding before they can get close to where they have been in the past.

3) As a visiting fan following your team, what do you think is the best venue in the Pac-10 to attend a game? What is the worst? Don't consider travel distance, but everything else is fair game.

Laughing Stock - I honestly have not made it to any of our fellow schools venues, but if I had to choose one place to visit it would have to be a UO Basketball game at McArthur Court. The arena itself is over 80 years old, and its out dated construction means that the maple court actually shifts and bounces if the crowd gets really wild. A referee once had to stop play to get the crowd to calm down as the baskets were visibly moving. Talk about atmosphere!

4) Besides your own team's, of course, who's got the best mascot in the Pac-10? Lamest?

Laughing Stock - It has to be Sparky the Sun Devil. I mean who doesn't love what basically amounts to a cartoon satan made in the image of one of America's most beloved animators?

5) Male cheerleaders: yea or nay?

Laughing Stock - I think USC got rid of their all male "yell leader" (ie cheerleader) squad a couple of years ago. I think the squad had been around for 80+ years, and trust me when I say that SC does not take their traditions lightly. The fact that there was no big controversy (at least to my knowledge) should answer this question well enough. Nay