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Why Olson suddenly retired

Shocking and tragic were the only words that came to mind when I read this story last evening.

Lute Olson's doctor said Tuesday that the former Arizona basketball coach had a stroke within the last year and he advised him to retire.

The comments by Dr. Steven Knope at a news conference called by Olson's family offer the first explanation for Olson's sudden retirement last week, two days after he appeared at the Wildcats' media day. Olson said at the time he was energized and looking forward to his 25th season with Arizona.

Knope said an MRI confirmed the stroke in the frontal part of Olson's brain, which left the Hall of Famer with severe depression and impaired judgment.

"This is a rather cruel twist of fate," Knope said at a McKale Center news conference attended by two of Olson's daughters, Jodi Brase and Christi Snyder.

"He is quite literally devastated," Knope said. "He was doing great over the summer and very much wanted to fulfill his obligation to the community and the university."


I spoken to numerous surgeons about the affect of pain and how it does cause some patients to go into depression when when some methods don't work as they should. Back Surgery comes to mind because it can be so hit or miss but this is a completely different deal.

This situation completely messes with a person's ability to make rational decisions especially when they under stress. Again, this is a great tragedy and we wish Olson and his family the best.