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USC 17 Arizona 10...closer than it should have been

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I am completely bewildered at what I saw tonight. I do not understand the play calling from Sarkisian.

I am pleased with the defense and the effort they put out.Form the outset they were not going to let Tuitama do what he normally does.

I am pleased with the running game..Stafon Johnson and Stanley Havili were the work horses tonight. I did not feel good about this game going in, there were just too many variables that were going to com into play. If Antolin stays in the game this game probably ends with a different outcome. There were some great plays made by the offense but it was the defense that made it happen tonight....again!

Mark Sanchez had a good game but not a great game. He made some plays but he made some stinkers too. He still trys way too hard to be the hero when just doing the basics is enough to win the game. This game was not going to be an easy one but I think the coaches, read Sark, made it tougher on the players with some of the bone head play calling I saw tonight. Sark needs to understand that this is big boy football and you need to stick with what works.

Anyway more tomorrow...feel free to vent here on our postgame thread.