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GameDay Open Thread - USC @ Arizona

Next Game

USC Trojans
@ Arizona Wildcats

Saturday, Oct 25, 2008, 7:15 PM PDT
Arizona Stadium


You know I just didn't feel like writing today.

I had a monster week at work and I needed to spend some time with the family today. It's also an ugly day here in the NYC area and I had some things I wanted to catch up on around the house.

I have had a bad feeling about this game all week. This is a good UA team but not a great UA team. As I have I said earlier in the week four of their five wins are against teams with losing records and their two losses were not pretty. But I just feel like all the stars are lining up with Arizona tonight. Call me crazy but they have played us close in previous years. Its at Arizona where they have played well taking out the Ducks last year, it's their homecoming so they are going to be jacked tonight.

Don't get me wrong I want a win...we need a win, I just don't like all the little things that could go wrong. I guess the OSU game has me a little snake bit. We never should have lost that game, it showed that we do not take some teams seriously. We can't continue to have 1-2 stupid losses in a season ,we just have too much talent for that to happen.

I realize that what I write is not going to be popular but its just how I feel.

Anyway, leave your comments, questions or general rants here.

I want a win...We need a win...I hope that we win.