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Lute Olson Retires...

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From The LAT.

Two days after saying he was energized to continue as Arizona's iconic basketball coach, 74-year-old Lute Olson abruptly quit Thursday, 20 wins shy of 800 career victories.

"This was not a decision that was made lightly," Olson said in a released statement. "I've had a wonderful run at the University of Arizona. I leave with a great sense of pride in what we have accomplished."

Olson did not say why he was resigning. He did not appear at a news conference to explain his decision and there was no mention of health concerns in the retirement statement released by the school.

You may think I'm crazy but it seems that Olson's life has never been the same since his first wife Bobbi passed away in 2001. It just seems he has been searching for peace and happiness. I can understand that given all Olson has done for the program on and off the court that he would be able to make the moves he has made over the past few years. But there comes a time when you have to move on.

Olson pulling the plug right as the season officially gets underway really puts Arizona behind the 8-ball. It has already probably cost them one recruit in Abdul Gaddy and it will continue to hurt the current program as it just messes with the chemistry of team with all the ups and downs that they have been through...sure, they will focus on playing the game but all the unwanted attention is just a distraction.

Somewhere former interim Arizona head coach Kevin O'Neill is privately either laughing hysterically or shaking his head in disgust.

Either way its a sad situation...