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New Faces Making an Impact against WSU

One of the great things about last weekends game agaisnt WSU was that we got a chance to see some of USC's future talent as well as talent that has yet to get on the field.

Broderic Green certainly to advantage of the playing time as he led all rushers with 120 yards and he was giddy when he re-watched film of his performance.

"It was cool to finally see myself out there in uniform and running our plays," Green said. "I'm just like, 'Yeah, that's me. I'm actually running.' Unlike last year when I had to watch."

Green spent the weekend fielding congratulatory phone calls from family, friends and his high school coach. It made it easier to get up for classes on Monday.

"I was thinking about the game the entire time," he said.

Depending on the effectiveness of Joe McKnight, Green could see some major time in the backfield. Greens power running style is welcome sight as brings another dimension to USC's offense.

Green has waited a long time for this moment.

After redshirting last season many of us wondered if we were ever going to see him on the field let alone staying at USC as there were even rumors that he might transfer. But he hung in there and stayed patient.Once he got in the game on Saturday it took a little time to get a lather going but on the final play of the 3rd qtr. he broke out for a 27-yard run on the next play he scored his first TD. It was all down hill from there as unloaded in the 4th qtr.

The power running game is a dimension is something that I think we have missed and Green as a big booming back brings that dimension to our offense.

The other bright spot was Nick Howell he had an absolutely awesome game. Coming into the WSU game Howell had never started and he made the most of his first start.

It wasn't until his fourth year at USC that offensive tackle Nick Howell got to make his first start, so when it happened Saturday against Washington State, he savored it.

After Coach Pete Carroll claimed that Howell recorded a whopping 18 knockdown blocks against the Cougars, Howell watched the film for himself.

"We ran it through," the redshirt junior said, smiling. "I had 22.


After missing the first half of last seaon with a hernia and then doing mop up duty late in games after that this was a welcome change for Howell and he looks to get more playing time and possibly more startsas he took most of the first team snaps in preparation for this weekends game against Arizona.

He certainly has the pedigree to be a special player...

Howell has bloodlines as well. His father, Pat, was an All-American guard for the Trojans' 1978 national championship team and went on to play in the NFL with the Falcons and Oilers.

Pat Howell was in attendance in Pullman as his son put the hurt on Washington State. Nick Howell said it was memorable to hear his father tell him he always knew he was capable of that kind of performance.

"Hearing him say that kind of stuff was emotional," Howell said.

I think its great to see a player step into a prominent roll after waiting patiently for his opportunity to contribute.

FIGHT ON! to Broderick and Nick.