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A quick note on OJ Mayo

No, this isn't about the investigation...sorry haters, you can go now.

Caught this over on the Fanhouse this morning...

O.J. Mayo didn't exactly make a big splash in his first three preseason games -- the rook shot just 34.1%, including an atrocious 14.3% from long distance, while scoring all of 14, seven and 11 points, respectively. Maybe the tweener's game doesn't translate to the NBA after all ...

... or maybe making snap judgments on a guy three meaningless games into his career is incredibly stupid. Mayo finally had the scoring explosion we knew was in him, lighting up the Pacers for 26 points in just 30 minutes last night.

Will the NBA three-point line be a problem for him? It doesn't look like it: he shot 6-8 from behind the arc and 10-17 from the field. Of course, there's more to basketball than simply filling up the bucket, but he came through on the other end of the court with five steals.

I am certainly not forgetting about the continuing unresolved controversy that broke last May but it is nice to see that he is transitioning well at the next level.