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With Lane Kiffin getting fired by the Oakland Raiders yesterday there has been a lot of chatter out there about Kiffin possibly coming back to USC…

Let me answer this clearly…IT… WILL… NOT… HAPPEN!

After he was finished ranting about Al Davis, I asked Pete Carroll whether he would consider bringing Lane Kiffin back to USC’s staff.

Carroll said he would — if he could.

Turns out he can’t. USC already is at the NCAA limit of nine full-time assistant coaches and two graduate assistants.

“We don’t have openings,” Carroll said. “I would hire him in a second if I could hire him. But we don’t have an opportunity to do that.”

Besides, Carroll predicted Kiffin would “be a head coach again real soon.”

In the meantime, all you Steve Sarkisian detractors can daydream — and hope Kiffin’s still a free agent in the offseason.

Pete Carroll may want Kiffin back but I am not sure the fans want Kiffin back (not that we have a say in it even if he is available). That chapter is closed and its not going to be revisited. I understand Pete Carroll's loyalty to Kiffin but even he must see that we have already been down that road and just like we been with Chow...its time to move on.

Also, Sarkisian isn't getting fired, not by Carroll. Kiffin will become a head coach somewhere else probably in the college ranks. Kiffin is a good recruiter and has a taste for being head coach now so why take a step back...the bird has left the nest and its time we moved on...