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Pete Carroll to "Talk" with the Falcons

From ESPN's Joe Schad:

USC coach Pete Carroll is interested in the Atlanta Falcons' head coach opening and is expected to speak with Atlanta owner Arthur Blank via phone Wednesday, sources at the American Football Coaches Convention in Anaheim told ESPN's Joe Schad.

Pete Carroll has been rumored for many head coaching vacancies in the NFL in recent years.

Blank is expected to offer full control of personnel decisions to Carroll and the sources said that is what peaks Carroll's interest most.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

I am a little shocked that the Falcons would even entertain going after another college coach, regardless of their success, after the whole Petrino mess. I have said before that I think Pete Carroll will end up back in the NFL but I'm not sure this is right fit for him. Wolf pretty much says the same thing on his blog this morning. With Joe Gibbs resigning from the Redskins yesterday I wouldn't be surprised if Dan Snyder tried to make a run at Pete Carroll as well. Snyder always wants to make a splash so I would expect for those rumors to start soon.

I think this might the rime for him to go. This is an itch he really wants to scratch and you will only get so many opportunities to make the move back into the NFL. Don't get me wrong I want to keep him as long as we can but we need to be realistic that sooner or later this will probably happen.

We will obviously keep an eye on this as it develops.