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There are times when being a fan is fun and there are times when it can be tedious. SC has its share of fun the past 6-years, all the awards and accolades are impressive. There has some controversy as well as with the split title in 2004. That is a subject that continues rankle fans and ruffle feathers.

The argument was simple then; how does Oklahoma get to play in the title game when they didn't even win their conference championship game?

Today there are some who seem to think that SC would actually have a claim to a split title depending on the outcome of tonight's BCS title game against Ohio State and LSU.

For those who would actually pine for a split title I would say...STOP IT!

We don't deserve it and it shouldn't happen. From the Baton Rouge Advocate via Wolf's blog:

J. Barker Davis of the Washington Times isn't buying it.

"Georgia -- just beat the lamest BCS team in history," Davis said. As for USC, whose 24-23 home loss to 4-8 Stanford was one of the season's biggest stunners, "The Trojans did less with more than any team in the nation this season and should be ashamed for having the audacity to do any stumping after the Stanford debacle."

Agreed. Obviously the article in question has a slight bias to it as it was written right around the corner from LSU but the message is till on target.

I'm not sure that Ohio State and LSU are the 2 best teams in this game but some of the arguments from 2004 are valid here as well. Georgia did not play in its conference championship let alone win it so they shouldn't get consideration. USC lost to 41-point underdog Stanford, AT HOME and that is inexcusable. I don't care how great they looked against an overmatched Illinois they had some ugly games this year so I'm not buying it.

Like him or not Plaschke also has some fun at our expense even if he is OMG going a bit over the top.

Its time to focus on the off-season as we have our work cut out for us. Changes will be made, players will leave as new ones arrive and we will look to a new QB to lead us next season. Trying to lay claim to a mythical national title without being good enough to be playing for it is foolish. It may be fun to speculate or think about what could have been but the fact is we don't deserve it so its time to move on.