The Off-Season

Bumped - Frak sets the tone perfectly with something I was going to write about myself in the coming days in regards to the off-season. – Paragon

Here it comes. This is the time of year where we at USC see a lot of changes. We have players leaving, players coming in, and coaches moving on. There have been coaching changes every year at USC, and its something we come to expect after the season is over.

Sark seems to be the likely candidate for moving into either a head coaching college position, or some sort of NFL job. He can thank a couple of notable NFL defectors for mucking up his chances of getting an NFL head coaching job any time soon. Other than that, there are some rumors of Norton possibly going, but they seem to be unfounded. If Sark does decide to go, then I'm sure we will find a suitable replacement.

I know that the guys across town are excited about Neuheisel going after former USC coaches, and they should be, because a lot of them are top notch. They also seem to be thinking that this is causing some sort of distress to Carroll, or USC fans, or both. I can guarantee that Pete Carroll won't even give Neuheisel a second thought until the week of the ucla game at the Rose Bowl in 2008. I would call all of this normal offseason coaching changes. Some of the writing over there is pure comedy. Neuheisel offering a job to Norm Chow has about as much chance of working as offering the DC job to Pete Carroll. I can see the diary over at BN right now:

"Neuheisel really gets under Pete Carroll's skin by offering Carroll a job on ucla staff"

Carroll hadn't heard anything from himself about this offer, and said that he would call himself after the Rose Bowl to check out if it was real or not. But Neuheisel really has him confused and shaken up on this one.

I will admit that Neuheisel is running rings around Karl Dorrell in the PR department. He has people talking about his program moving in a positive direction, and that brings the recruits in. However, claiming that you are running rings around Pete Carroll by offering jobs to people that you have no chance in getting, and without even playing a game, is a little premature. I personally would rather run rings around my opponent on a football field, rather than in the "offer a job" to get a headline field. Its great that bruins are excited about their football program again. They finally have something to look forward to. But just remember, Charlie Weis talked smack about how he used to run rings around Carroll in the NFL. Now he is looking really sheepish.

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