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Fast and Loose?

Interesting post on Wolf's blog yesterday.

I have not written a word about the unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in the Rose Bowl because I believe a part of Pete Carroll's success stems from allowing his players to express themselves and have fun. What's troublesome is that after the fact, Carroll offers comments chastising the behavior just to make it appear it's unacceptable.

I've heard that song many times over the years, but it's really more for public consumption, so everyone thinks USC is doing the right thing. But the reality is the Trojans will remain free-wheeling and continue to be demonstrative. That's the nature of the program.

So stop with the statements. And remember to shake hands after any losses next season.

One of the great things about being a fan and not an alumnus is that I am not bound by school pride or any of the emotional attachments that come with any investment made in the institution. I watch the games the games because I want to be entertained and I write about the team because I am fan and like sports.

In this age of instant gratification through a world connected instantaneously by cable, satellite or cellular nothing escapes our attention but what we do with it is another matter. The competitor in me bristled a bit at some of the showboating that I saw in the Rose Bowl Game; while the fan in me enjoyed the players letting loose a little bit and having some fun. I am able to disassociate the two.

To me it's all a matter of perspective. You can walk around with a stick up your ass like some do across town and act high and mighty ranting about classless behavior, while your own fans in the bruin den yell F**k SC when they play at Pauley- classy behavior for sure. Or you can see what for it is...entertainment.

The state of the program is fine and if this how Pete Carroll wants to run it then it is on him to either nip in the bud or he can take the heat if it costs us a game. It shouldn't matter to him what the fan base thinks as he has produced positive results. He also shouldn't feel the need to offer up any explanations whether sincere or hollow as in the end the only thing the fans care about is winning. It is easy to stand in judgment anonymously when it isn't your butt on the line and if it bothers some so much then don't renew your season tickets, turn off your TV and walk away. The sports landscape is covered with this type of behavior and no matter how much it may disgust some of us we continue to feed the machine. I may not like it but in the end it doesn't matter to me, I watch the games to be entertained and I will root for this team regardless.

Pete Carroll shouldn't have to make excuses for how he runs his program but if this type of behavior costs us a game then he will have to answer for it.