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All's Fair...

Well you know recruiting season is close to the end with some of the weird things I'm reading.

From Dohn's Blog:

Looks like UCLA can forget about St. Bonaventure running back Darrell Scott. Coach Rick Neuheisel went to see him, but sources said Texas happened to be there, too, and UCLA was put off by that. Sources added UCLA pretty much decided to no longer pursue Scott.

That had to make to make Rick really happy!

Here a few from Wolf's Blog:

It Had To Happen

A USC commit from Southern California spoke to another school this week and one of the first topics that came up: Pete Carroll's interview with the Washington Redskins.

Keep Them Guessing

When safety D'Anton Lynn of Celina, Texas, showed up to take a picture at the Dallas Morning News, he arrived with a USC hat, Oklahoma hat and a Penn State sweatshirt. Lynn is officially considered a ``soft verbal'' for Penn State.

Then there's this doozie:

Chow did not pass the recruiting exam.

And this was why he did not go visit with Darrell Scott with RN.

This is from an impeccable source, and like it or not it does affect our ability to close on top offensive recruits to finish off this year. You don't think sending Norm in to meet with Darrell Scott or Julio Jones would make a difference? How about sealing the deal with Milton Knox?

I'm just pissed that we have such an amazing OC and we can't use him to our fullest extent. If a mod is deleting this, that's crap. I'd rather see you post in the same thread and refute it, but I know what I know and it's from a connection directly into the Chow family and UCLA.

Now I'm not sure about that last one but it just goes to show you just how nutty recruiting season can get. I'm sure it will get even more crazy before signing day on Wednesday.